26 Nov 2010 @ Friday, November 26, 2010 | 0 notes

Finally! My phone has been updated with a newer (not newest) version of android. I've been waiting for the update for awhile now and at long last, its here and i've already update it yesterday. So here is a short review of of the Android 2.1 on the X10 mini pro.

Alright, first lets go to the new lock screen.

The new lock screen is pretty much like the lock screen on the iPhone. Swipe the lock key to the rigth to unlock and swipe the other key to the left to activate the silent mode. While this feature may seem cool but its quite leceh sometime.

Next i'll show you the new home screen. Android 2.1 brings new feature to the home screen with wallpapers. Its not just an ordinary wallpapers, its ALIVE!
The Live Wallpaper will be either response to your touch or the way you hold the phone.

This Live Wallpaper will response to your touch when you touch on the balloons and the balloon will pop/explode.

2.)Shake Them All
This waallpaper shows you the litttle android figure and whenever you tilt or move your phone, the androids will fall all over the screen.

This wallpaper is specially for you Faizul Jasmi..!
This walllpaper shows a large BOOBS and will bounce whenever you shake the phone ! ;)

Enough with the wallpapers, we move on with Bluetooth File Transfer.
Android 2.1 have fixed this problem. Now you can transfer song,pics and contacts via bluetooth.

With the Android 2.1 update, you can now play the Angry Birds! wootwoot!!
Whats Angry Bird you ask? Well, its the top-selling PAID application on the iPhones..!
Moreover, you can get it FREE on your android phones ;)

Sony Ericsson also gives you Continuous Autofocus while shooting your video (although not in HD).
Here's a video that I recorded with my X10 mini pro.


Some pics on the new User Inerface (UI)

Timescape doesnt change much. But its quicker thic time. And it automaticly sync your facebook contacts to the phone contacts.

New Homescreen Icons

New Icons in the Menu


Writing New Message

Camera UI

Video Recording UI

Music Player UI

New Yotube app

New Browser UI


So there you have it, Android 2.1 on the X10 mini pro!
Now lets just wish that Sony Ericsson is kind enough to make us the Android 2.2 updates!
But still, I'm really happy with the phone and its performence right now.
I dont ever regret buying it. And Android is the best thing ever!
If you want to buy a new phone, I totallly recommand this to you..!

Splashing in Sungai Congkak
23 Nov 2010 @ Tuesday, November 23, 2010 | 0 notes

LAST SATURDAY i went to Sungai Congkak for the first time ever. Well actually its a little further from Sungai Congkak. The place is called Pangsun if im not mistaken.
Anyway we had a great fun playing with the waters, snappin photos and enjoying the outdoors together.
Here are some photos from that day.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1
19 Nov 2010 @ Friday, November 19, 2010 | 0 notes

I've prepared myself for this movie and after a long wait, the movie is finally here!
I have read the book so that i can understand what the movie was about. Unlike the last 6 movie where i was like zzzz because i did not read the book.

So, today i went to watch the movie with my uncle and cousins at Jusco Cheras Selatan.
To my surprise, Aniq was there too! So technicaly we watch the movie together although we were not sitting at the same place.


The movie = Awesome !

I wish I could continue with part 2. But unfortunately we have to wait untill next year. Anyway, their decision to split the last installment into 2 parts was genius.