Sony Ericsson Forever
27 Oct 2011 @ Thursday, October 27, 2011 | 0 notes

Just found out the news about Sony buying off Ericsson's
share in Sony Ericsson...

My first ever phone was a Sony Ericsson.
So, I was really sad to hear about this news...
Sony Ericsson Made the GREATEST phone out there.
Yes, you can quote me.
I don't care if you said that SE sucks...
Their phones are not stable..
Their phones hangs a lot..

But Sony Ericsson will still and will always be my favourite phone brand.
There is one thing that I like a lot about SE.
It's their style.
They made the sexiest and the most sleek-est  phone ever.
No other brands can beat that.
Fat and Ugly
Slim and Beauty
To all Sony Ericsson haters out there (especially this guy)
I hope you're happy..
Shame on you!

From Cybershots to Walkmans and Xperias...
After this, no more Sony Ericsson.
Just Sony.
I wish Sony all the best..

The story behind SE logo..
p/s : I'd buy a SE phone right now if I'm not stuck with this Samsung..teheee


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